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“Once upon a time, CPAs were the practical, logical, down-to-earth folks who not only audited your business, but had helpful ideas. In a world of derivatives, impairment of intangibles, and Level 3 Inputs, CPAs now frequently spend too much time on complexity, and insufficient time on understanding business fundamentals. Darlene Leonard and Ken Smith of Smith/Leonard CPAs were the auditors of one of my prior employers. Auditors owe first allegiance to shareholders, as they should, and Darlene and Ken take that responsibility seriously. But they also take the time to learn the business and provide practical industry insight. They bring the practical and logical back. I won’t say that they made it fun to be audited, but I will say they added value beyond the opinion letter, and that I can heartily recommend them.”

- Gene Morphis - Former CFO, The Rowe Companies